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Facial Liposuction in Vancouver, BC

Achieve the Sculpted Look

Facial Liposuction with Dr. Valenzuela

Refine your look and bid farewell to fuller cheeks or a youthful facial profile with facial liposuction at Dr. Valenzuela Facial Plastic Surgery in Vancouver, BC. Under the expert hands of facial plastic surgeon Dr. Dianne Valenzuela, you'll undergo a transformative experience where your satisfaction is at the forefront of your facial contouring adventure.

Rediscover Your Jawline

What is Facial Liposuction?

Facial liposuction is a precision procedure designed to remove buccal fat, which can contribute to an overly youthful or "chubby cheek" appearance. Our patients opt for this treatment for a sleeker, more defined facial look, enhancing their self-confidence. You'll achieve your desired aesthetic by expertly sculpting your face and addressing buccal fat. Our commitment is unwavering in delivering safe and effective buccal fat removal and superior facial contouring results.

Facial Liposuction in Vancouver, BC

Trim and Contour

What are the benefits of Facial Liposuction?

Explore the transformative benefits of facial liposuction with Dr. Valenzuela. Facial Liposuction is your key to a more sculpted, youthful appearance. Here's why it's your go-to choice for facial refinement:

Enhanced Definition: Say goodbye to stubborn fat deposits and hello to well-defined contours. With facial liposuction Vancouver patients can eliminate excess fat, revealing their natural beauty.

Youthful Transformation: Restore your youthful allure. Liposuction tightens sagging skin, reducing the signs of aging and revitalizing your face.

Minimal Downtime: Experience a quick recovery and minimal discomfort. Our expert team ensures a smooth and comfortable post-op journey.

Personalized Results: Dr. Valenzuela's precision ensures tailored results that harmonize with your unique features, enhancing your overall facial aesthetics.

Reveal Your Best Self

Your Facial Liposuction Consultation

Rest assured that with Dr. Valenzuela, in Vancouver facial liposuction is performed safely and effectively. This procedure targets the natural fat deposits in the cheeks and chin area, delivering remarkable results. In contemporary liposuction techniques, complications are exceedingly rare, and results are exceptionally refined. Embrace the contoured, magazine-worthy appearance you've always desired through our expert facial liposuction procedures.

Achieve a Chiseled Jawline

Your Facial Liposuction Procedure

Facial liposuction is performed under general anesthesia to ensure comfort throughout the procedure. Tiny incisions are strategically made beneath the chin and within the cheek areas inside the mouth. A slender tube, known as a cannula, is then carefully inserted into the targeted area and expertly maneuvered to release excess fat. Connected to a suction hose, the cannula removes the fat while sculpting and contouring your face. These precise instruments and small incisions enable us to achieve remarkable facial sculpting outcomes.

Facial Liposuction in Vancouver, BC

Facial Harmony

Facial Liposuction Results

Facial liposuction delivers permanent results as removed fat cells do not regenerate in the treated area. While liposuction prevents fat from reappearing in the same area, it's essential to maintain a stable body weight to prevent fat accumulation in adjacent regions. Generally, after age 25, your body no longer generates new fat cells, but existing ones can expand with weight gain. With facial liposuction, you'll achieve a more contoured and sleek appearance, enhancing the prominence of your chin. The stunning results speak for themselves.

Facial Liposuction in Vancouver, BC

What You Need to Know

Facial Liposuction Recovery and Aftercare

Expect normal swelling and bruising on your face following facial liposuction due to the cannula's back-and-forth motion. This is a standard process and should subside within a few weeks. While your chin may appear larger initially due to swelling, there's no need for concern as this will gradually diminish. You'll see your beautiful results emerge in approximately three to four weeks.

We'll provide a facial wrap to reduce swelling and ensure facial stability. For the initial week or so after liposuction, avoid strenuous activities. Keep your head elevated as much as possible, refraining from lying down to minimize facial swelling. Instead, opt for gentle walking and sitting up, which effectively mitigates swelling.

Facial LiposuctionFrequently Asked Questions

Yes, facial liposuction can create a more slender and contoured appearance by targeting and removing excess fat from specific areas of the face. This results in a sleeker, more defined look.

During facial liposuction, patients are typically under anesthesia to minimize discomfort. After the procedure, some mild discomfort or pain may occur, but it is usually manageable with prescribed pain medications. Our priority is your comfort and safety throughout the process.

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