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Welcoming Patients from Across the Province and Beyond

We see patients in consultation and perform surgeries at the West Coast Cosmetic Surgery Centre, where the allure of transformation extends far beyond Vancouver's borders. Dr. Dianne Valenzuela works in partnership with Dr. Andrew Denton, experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon, in this facility. Dr. Dianne Valenzuela's expertise and personalized approach have drawn patients from all corners of the lower mainland and across the province, creating a community of beauty seekers who recognize the exceptional care that awaits.

Our Hours

Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Ongoing major renovations are taking place due to the city's subway construction, expected to continue for two more years. Kindly refer to our directions for finding our office amidst these changes.


Paid parking is available in our building off of Laurel St via the alley.

During construction of the new Broadway subway transit project which is scheduled to continue until 2025, there will be temporary disruption to traffic and parking in the area of our facility at 943 W. Broadway.

Please note the following information and use it if necessary to plan your trip.

1. On street daytime parking on W. Broadway has been eliminated.
2. Access to the lane and underground parking below the building from W. Broadway will be restricted from time to time.
3. Access to the lane and underground parking below the building is open from W. 8th Avenue between Oak and Laurel Streets and from Laurel Street between W. 8th Avenue and W. Broadway.

Please refer to the map below.

About Our Office
About Our Office

Embracing Diversity, Creating Connections

Whether you're located in the heart of Vancouver or anywhere in the province or beyond, our center's doors are open to you. Dr. Valenzuela and her dedicated team take pride in fostering connections with patients from diverse backgrounds, recognizing that beauty knows no boundaries. Each consultation and procedure is approached with the same dedication, ensuring that your journey to renewed confidence and enhanced allure transcends geographical limits.

A Seamless Experience

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our facility's walls, as we understand that your journey begins the moment you reach out to us. For patients traveling from afar, our team is here to facilitate a smooth and accommodating experience. From pre-consultation communication to post-operative care, you'll find that we are dedicated to your comfort and convenience every step of the way.

Elevate Your Journey

Wherever you call home within the province or beyond, your journey towards rejuvenation and beauty enhancement begins with us. Dr. Dianne Valenzuela's reputation for exceptional care transcends location as she invites you to explore the possibilities of aesthetic transformation in the heart of Vancouver. Your aspirations are our focus, no matter where life's journey has taken you.

Take Your First Step

Secure your personal consultation with Dr. Valenzuela today, where your unique concerns and aspirations are met with the utmost care and expertise. Our personalized treatment plans ensure a holistic and natural approach to aging gracefully, aligning immediate and long-term solutions with your individual goals. Let us guide you towards a future where your beauty stands the test of time. Contact us now to take the first step.

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