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Otoplasty in Vancouver, BC

Contoured Confidence

Otoplasty with Dr. Dianne Valenzuela

You deserve to feel good about what you see in the mirror. For people with protruding ears or other cosmetic concerns caused by birth differences or trauma, this feature can pose an undue distraction, leading to a lack of confidence and a poor self-image. Many people choose otoplasty, or cosmetic ear surgery, to achieve a more balanced, streamlined facial appearance. To learn about the benefits of otoplasty, read on. Then, schedule your consultation with Dr. Dianne Valenzuela, a facial plastic surgeon known for crafting natural-looking and beautiful results that instill new confidence levels in her patients.

Feel Good About Your Look

What are the benefits of Otoplasty?

Well-proportioned and balanced ears can contribute to overall facial symmetry and harmony. At our practice in Vancouver Otoplasty addresses aesthetic concerns related to the ears, boosting individuals' confidence and reducing self-consciousness about their appearance. Dr. Valenzuela carefully evaluates each patient’s anatomy to provide personalized recommendations and achieve the desired results safely and effectively.

Otoplasty in Vancouver, B.C.  Vancouver

A Balanced Aesthetic

What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty, or ear surgery, is a cosmetic procedure designed to revise the shape, position, or size of the ears. This procedure is often performed to address aesthetic concerns related to the ears and can benefit individuals of various ages, including children and adults. Examples of otoplasty procedures include:

Ear Pinning: This is the most common type of otoplasty. It involves reshaping the ear to bring it closer to the side of the head when the ears stick out prominently. Dr. Valenzuela may use techniques to reshape the cartilage or create folds to make a more balanced appearance.

Earlobe Repair: Earlobe repair is a procedure performed to correct torn, stretched, or damaged earlobes, often caused by trauma or heavy earrings.

Expert Care & Guidance

Your Otoplasty Consultation

Having otoplasty is a personal choice that should be approached with careful planning and consideration. We want you to be confident about this choice. Dr. Valenzuela will help you navigate your options and visualize potential surgical outcomes while providing a realistic overview of the procedure and recovery process. Get started by scheduling your consultation today with Dr. Valenzuela.

Meticulous Approaches

Your Otoplasty Procedure

Otoplasty is performed as an outpatient procedure. Dr. Valenzuela makes discreet incisions to minimize visible scarring, often behind or within the ear. She then reshapes the ear, adjusting the cartilage as needed to achieve the desired look. Internal sutures may be used to secure the ear in its new position. Surgery details can vary greatly and be tailored to your unique concerns and aesthetic goals. You will be monitored in a recovery area before being released to return home the same day. Patients wear a protective bandage or head wrap to minimize swelling and support healing.

Otoplasty in Vancouver, B.C.  Vancouver

Natural Refinement

Otoplasty Recovery and Aftercare

Most patients can return to work or school within a week or two, depending on the otoplasty procedure performed. Protecting the ears from trauma is crucial, so patients should avoid activities that could bend or impact the ears and be cautious with headphones or headgear that may exert pressure. The final results may take several months to fully manifest as swelling gradually subsides, and the ears settle into their new position or shape. Adherence to post-operative instructions and open communication with the surgeon are key to a successful recovery.

Otoplasty in Vancouver, B.C.  Vancouver

A Revitalized Self-Image

Otoplasty Results

The results achieved with otoplasty are generally considered permanent. With Otoplasty Vancouver patients can achieve reshaped ears, corrected positioning, and improved proportions. While the surgical revisions made during otoplasty are long-lasting, subtle changes in the look of the ears may occur with age, just as they do in natural aging. To maintain the results and ensure long-term success, patients should follow Dr. Valenzuela’s post-operative instructions carefully, protect the ears from trauma, and avoid activities that could bend or impact them. While some minor changes may occur over time, the improvements achieved through otoplasty are permanent and provide lasting aesthetic benefits.

Otoplasty Frequently Asked Questions

The most suitable age can depend on individual circumstances and the specific reasons for seeking the procedure. Otoplasty is sometimes performed on children at the age of five or six years old, especially if they have prominent or misshapen ears that are causing social or psychological distress. It is also commonly performed during adolescence, typically after age 14 or when ear growth is nearly complete. Finally, otoplasty is performed on adults who may have been bothered by the appearance of their ears throughout their lives or who wish to address various ear-related concerns for cosmetic reasons. Ultimately, the timing of otoplasty depends on the individual's emotional readiness, physical development, and personal preferences.

The visibility of scarring after otoplasty largely depends on the surgical technique and incision placement. In most cases, the incisions are discreetly located behind or within the natural folds of the ear, minimizing visible scarring. Over time, scars tend to fade and become less noticeable. While there may be some initial redness or minimal scarring, most patients find that any visible scarring is inconspicuous and well-concealed by the natural contours of the ear.

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